A New Kind of Freedom

What convinced Johan to go to America
The pastor said that his family would get 450 acres of land.
How did he feel about the decision later
I think he was very happy about making that big step or should I say choice in his life.

Molly's Dream

What dream does she have
To have a job like Ms. Simons an live like her but not to live back there but to live at a house where there is a pond.
What will molly need to do to make her dream come true
She will need to work very hard and belive in herself and keep on trying.


Why Do People Move

People sometimes move because of poverty, religious beliefs and economic opportunities. So because if poverty they move because they are poor and think they can earn more money and live better lives. Because of religious beliefs i t could either be because in that country it's not as strict in religious ways or maybe it is more strict and they want it more strict for there family. Also of course about economic opportunities so like they could earn more money or maybe there are better resources in that country for the job he does.
And that's what I learned after watching the brain pop movie.

Cultural Encounters
I have two main questions,
  • What do we do when other people don't think, act, or speak the same way we do?
  • Why do people move?

First one I would personally say, when people don't think the same way as me i try to think a bit more like them to understand there thinking. I also try to get into there shoes if its something they are explaining or a situation they might be in. When people don't speak the same language as me i would probably try to draw a picture and show a lot with hand motion to make them understand me. I would also check if there would be any similar words in the language i speak and they speak. That's what I would do for the first question.

Second question I would personally say, that now a day people with more money and good jobs move because they might get a promotion on there job or because somebody gets fired so they take there position. But in some cases people that have a bit less money want to go to a better country so there children can get better education and themselves can get better jobs. My second answer is similar to this answer in old times they moved to explore and get better jobs and find new things and just start at a new beginning.

And those are my two first answers to these questions.