Coming to the New World

Coming to the New World

Is this little ship going to hold all the 150 people going on this ship? I really hope that the new world is better than I have heard. Everybody is talking about it. I am happy that my family is coming with me to the New World. I hope being a fur trader in the New World is a better profession than here in England. I wonder if all of the people on the boat can speak the same way as me. I only have knives with me to skin the animals I catch.

It has been very hard so far , a few people have passed away. The boat is always rocking back and fourth all time. There is a lot of people here on the boat. I am scared because the boat might sink or we might fall over board, we might even get sick and die. A young lady has given birth on board the ship and the baby did survive, we are all grateful for that. The food is not good but you can eat it. There is not enough food for every one so some people are getting sick. Because people are getting sick, they are throwing up on board and I am afraid that more and more people will get sick and the disease will spread. There has been one storm I almost thought the ship was going to tip over and that we were going to die but everything went well and we didn't tip over. I am fearful that there might be some animal at where we land but I don't think so. I am dreaming of becoming successful in my fur trading in the new world.

The ride was a good experience but I would not like to have to have it happen again. The ship was a place we were on for a long time so it became a bit like a home to me. Nothing big had happened, we had just been on the boat safe and sound. Except for one time there was a storm and I was a bit worried but it turned out to be fine but some more people had passed away so that had been very sad. I was very happy to get off the ship and come to land once again. It was better living on land because we have more space and fresh air. I have no more fear of the bad animals in the forest. There are deer, moose and so many other animals that you can skin use their fur from and meat too. I have no real dreams more of just becoming successful. It is soon winter so the sailors are leaving soon. We are going to have a very hard winter here in the New World but we really need to survive.

The conditions aren't great. We live in very small houses but that i am very used to it's more the lord and the lady that are complaining. I am pretty okay with the living actually. The conditions haven't been to great but I think one day the new world will be much better then home in England. The food is like back in England but there is not a large amount of it which is pretty bad. Sanitation is bad it's not clean here at all there are so many people that have been sick so nothing is that clean around here. There has been no real challenges just the biggest one for me has been sleeping in the small dirt holes and getting along with all the other people here. My business has been good i have found out that a lot of the animals they had in England they have here in the New World.

The conditions have gotten better since we arrived here in the New World. Before we lived in dirt holes now we live in very small houses here. I am happy that my wife and children are okay. Right now in the beggining I would rather be in England than in here in the New World. That is because it's very hard to live here now. There have been a lot of native people here they are a bit weird but I guess I will have to become friends with them sooner or later. They have helped us with getting are farming started. They have actually helped me build traps here in the New World.

We have all started to cope with each other and work together as a group of people and friends in our village. Every day I have a schedule. Monday- set up traps to catch animals. Go to the blacksmith and tell him if I want more traps and things like that. Tuesday- pick up animals and take away traps. Wednesday- kill the animals and start skinning them quickly before all flies and bugs come. Take out what is possible to eat. Thursday- start checking with who to trade with. Friday- start the process again. All is well because nobody in my family has died yet. But it was hard in the beginning. I am very thankful for the Natives because they tell me what I can eat and what I can not. They have taught me tricks in catching the animals. The best is that my family is safe and everything is working out pretty well. The worst was the beginning because we had to live in dirt holes and we had almost nothing but ourselves and the wilderness.

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